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STROPS Marketing
“If you don’t win…..you lose! Period.”

STROPS Marketing. Everyone’s business name and logo is usually a finely crafted Avatar born of agonizing labor and ongoing scrutiny. At STROPS not so much. You see, the name STROPS is simply SPORTS spelled backwards or turned around. Not so awe inspiring is it. Not so fast!

It’s what behind the name that means everything to us….. and should to you as well
At STROPS, “winning every time” at our own sport of client marketing means everything to us. But we also insist that when we do win we do so with “humility” as nothing is worse than a sore winner not a sore loser!

It’s that mantra coupled with the sole purpose of only handling brands whose DNA is to do “good in the world”, however hard, each and every day to enrich the lives and health of its customers. We don’t exist to just do ads….we do people and we do right by them! Every Time!

At STROPS we truly believe “If you don’t win….you lose! Period.” We also believe the same principle of winning every time with” humility" should apply to each and every business activity undertaken. Ask anyone competing in Sports and they literally live by these concepts.

In business we’re not so sure.

So how do we instill this winning attitude and “move the needle” towards excellence every time for each and every one of our loyal brands on an ongoing basis? We call it STROPS Customer-Centric Branding. We help them create an ongoing internal culture of customer obsession, which must permeate all levels of employee customer contact and all direct customer communication touch points.

A sports example to reinforce this concept of “If you don’t win….you lose! Period. How about one of the most prolific, vivid images and phrases in all of sports history. “The Thrill of Victory……and the Agony of Defeat” aired by ABC's Wide World of Sports, an American sports anthology television program that aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

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