About Us

Successful Channels Inc. is a services firm dedicated to helping executives generate accelerated revenue through their indirect channels. Successful Channels Inc. was founded because accelerating revenue growth in the channel is hard. We know how difficult it is to differentiate yourself from your competitors, build a competitive strategy, motivate resellers & agents, and execute in the market.

Successful Channels, Inc. helps companies build a comprehensive program for driving accelerated revenue. Our philosophy is that there is huge under-leveraged growth potential in any indirect channel organization that can be harvested through better knowledge, strategy, and execution. Our passion is helping indirect seller’s ability to develop opportunities to grow.

We deliver services to assess key improvement areas, utilize best practices to design successful strategies, support implementation and measure performance. The team has deep channel DNA starting with the founder, Gary Morris. Our team understands why it is hard and how to motivate all players to create highly Successful Channels. We are comprised of the top talent in the channel. This includes experts in channel strategy, channel research and analytics, channel marketing and technology strategy and channel partnering strategists. Additionally, Successful Channels Inc. can staff key channel functions on an outsourced basis to add expert sets of hands to support your channel success.


Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence