About Us

The mission of Surgical Error Prevention System (SEPS) is to prevent wrong-side, wrong-site and wrong-patient surgical errors through the integration of standardized practices and innovative technology, along with visual and hands-on tools. SEPS values patient safety, education, awareness and providing public support; at the same time, implementing an easy method to train healthcare professionals in reducing potentially devastating surgical errors.

SEPS addresses the primary need within the 2012 Patient Safety initiatives to prevent wrong-side, wrong-site, and wrong-patient surgical errors. SEPS is designed to promote patient safety as well as protection of the operating room staff and facility by its use of hands-on, visual, and color-coded tools in every procedure.

SEPS has worked diligently to build partnerships to develop and manufacture the SEPS product line. We are proud to state that all of our products are made in the United States of America. Over the past year, SEPS has developed and released SEPS Digital application complimenting our manual version. Surgical Error Prevention System is also formed as a Non-Profit Organization to provide a greater incentive for hospitals and healthcare facilities to utilize our products to their fullest potential. As such, our Board of Directors was formed with Dr. Milton Wright, MD, as President.SEPS has also welcomed, Dr. Monique Avedian, Clinical Psychologist, to head our victim and professional support groups.

Business size

1-10 employees

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