About Us

SVT enables organizations to see, measure and manage their social and environmental impact, and transform that impact into valuable assets.

Why is this important? When people choose to invest their time and money into companies or nonprofits, they want reliable evidence of impact to inform their decisions. SVT gives them the tools to deliver.

SVT Group is the first "impact accounting firm." Like financial accounting, impact accounting is a business discipline that strives to provide the enterprise and its audiences with a fair and true picture of value-- but unlike financial accounting, social value cannot only be described in money terms. SVT captures the information about changes for stakeholders and the environment that conventional financial accounts leave out.

What exactly do we do? We design, roll out, and maintain impact management frameworks. We also provide training in impact management.

SVT serves impact investors, enterprise managers, foundations and governmental entities. Recent clients and projects include:

- Restore the Earth Foundation: Social Impact Model to quantify and value carbon and co-benefits of its large-scale reforestation work

- Beneficial State Bank: (previously One PacificCoast Bank) company-wide impact tracking and reporting system

- CalPERS Environmental Investment Advisor: environmental due diligence and reporting system for $600MM in assets (and $9Bn in syndicated AUM) deployed against its environmental technology private equity initiative

- Global Fund for Women: Retrospective of impact created over 25 years

- United Religions Initiative (URI): Theory of Change development and training of staff and global trustees

Since our founding in 2001 we have worked with leaders internationally to develop practical solutions to make social and environmental value visible and valuable. We look forward to helping you realize the full value of your work!