About Us

Sweetser has been providing behavioral health services to children and adults since 1828. A nationally recognized and accredited organization, Sweetser offers a continuum of services that address emotional disturbances, mental illnesses, behavioral disorders, substance abuse issues, and learning disabilities.

Working in more than 75 communities throughout Maine, Sweetser’s clinical staff includes psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced practice psychiatric nurses and licensed clinical social workers, among others. Clinical staff work with a variety of programs designed to improve the health, safety, and quality of life for our clients. Sweetser employees are experienced and many have maintained long careers with the organization.

Sweetser provides an integrated network of care for adults that include psychotherapy, medication management, case management, crisis services, substance abuse services and peer support, among others. Services for youth and children include psychotherapy, home and community-based treatment, residential treatment, crisis intervention and stabilization units, and school-based behavioral health services. The Schools at Sweetser provide special education, day treatment and LINK autism services, among others. Sweetser has maintained national accreditation with the Council on Accreditation since the founding of the council in the 1970s, which is essential to guaranteeing our clients the best treatment and support possible.


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