About Us

Synergy Academies is a non-profit organization with a mission to create and share solutions that eliminate the achievement gap.

Synergy creates and shares solutions through the operation of urban public charter schools in South Los Angeles that implement a holistic approach to education, believe in collective accountability, and share best practices through professional collaboration.

Synergy Academies' schools are national models for improving the American public education system because they are quickly defeating the achievement gap. The achievement gap is the difference in academic success between students from lower-income areas compared to their peers in other areas.

Synergy has been able to catapult its students’ academic achievement faster than other public schools, and its South LA elementary school students are outperforming students in Beverly Hills. In May 2013, Synergy Charter Academy was named the Best Urban Elementary School in America.

While Synergy is honored that its schools have received national recognition, Synergy believes that all schools can be the best schools in America. In order to empower other schools to achieve similar results, Synergy shares out its best practices such as through its Synergy Trade Secrets Tours.

RSVP for a future tour and learn more about Synergy at WeAreSynergy.org.

Business size

101-500 employees

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