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Sysmex Corporation, based in Kobe, Japan, is a world leader in clinical laboratory testing of blood, urine and other specimens, providing instruments and reagents for clinical laboratory testing as well as laboratory information systems as part of a comprehensive service and support system. Founded in 1968 as a company specializing in hematology, Sysmex Corporation has expanded to offer a comprehensive range of diagnostics products and solutions in the diagnostics field including coagulation, biochemistry, immunochemistry, urinalysis and other disciplines. The company is also actively involved in developing technologies and expertise to expand related areas of business such as point-of-care testing systems to enable faster diagnoses, centralized test data management for improved testing efficiency, and the establishment of local healthcare networks to link hospitals and clinics. Sysmex is developing new core technologies to address disease prevention and early cancer detection. In addition to clinical laboratory testing, the companies' core technologies are being applied to industry, sports, and other new business fields. Recognized among the top 10 diagnostics leaders, Sysmex Corporation is listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section and the Osaka Securities Exchange, First Section (Ticker Code: 6869). For more information about Sysmex, please visit our website at http://www.sysmex.co.jp/en/.

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