About Us

Since 1946, Tanury Industries has represented the cutting-edge of the plating industry, pioneering new technologies, and elevating quality control and customer service to new levels of excellence. Tanury offers the largest range of high-specification decorative plating services available. Our corrosion and scratch-resistant coatings come in a wide range of colors and styles. Unique benefits include superior wear resistance, high hardness, outstanding adhesion, and lifetime finish.

At Tanury, our commitment to quality and consistency is at the core of what we do, driving both our business and our processes. In fact, we were the first decorative electroplater in the United States to achieve ISO-9001 registration, a worldwide standard of quality. Through our quality-control process, we utilize continual testing and advanced diagnostic methods to ensure not only that each product meets our specifications and standards, but also that the chemistry is 100% consistent throughout.

Our mission is to use cutting-edge technologies and to establish the best practices needed to develop cost effective and innovative finishing solutions for our clients. In 1994, Tanury introduced Physical Vapor Deposition to the decorative coating market place. Using a unique dry-vacuum process, parts are coated with materials such as ultra-hard zirconium or titanium nitrides. We are constantly auditing and improving out services. Teaming with our clients, we leverage our advanced capabilities and the expertise of our R&D staff to discover and develop new finishes. By undertaking R&D projects alongside our customers, we can shorten developmental lead-time for new processes and finishes, saving both time and money.