About Us

IT Professional Services & Hardware/Software

In addition to providing full-service contingent workforce staffing and consulting services, Tec-Link offers a broad span of computer hardware and software products! Our partnership with one of the world's leading supply chain providers of computer related manufactured items, enables us to service clients complete IT infrastructure needs!

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and have locations in the United States, India, Australia and the Middle East.

Tec-Link (http://www.tec-link.com) provides 3 IT vertical services and product offerings:

1. CWS for Software Applications Development: A leading full-service contingent workforce services and IT staffing company specializing in matching IT departments with qualified talent for computer software applications development. We perform nationwide talent recruitment, background screening and employment services.

2. SOW IT Consulting: Through our global software integration partnership (REFLECTIONS) and our closely aligned CWS, we deliver boxed-program or plug-in mobile or enterprise applications software solutions from beginning to end.

3. Hardware & Software Reseller: Through our global supply chain partnership with a Top 5 hardware and software supply chain leader (http://www.techdata.com), we deliver tangible products for mobile,enterprise, network, telecom, and storage capacities for physical facility IT infrastructure.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence