About Us

Thanatopsis Consulting - Leadership | Alignment | Results

We believe that successful organizations must intentionally align people resources with business strategy. Effectively aligned talent leads to bottom-line results. It works.

Thanatopsis Consulting delivers pragmatic solutions that, while grounded in sound HR theory, stay focused on measurable results and not academic process.

We blend our expertise in Organizational and Leadership Development with the unique needs and realities of individuals and organizations.

Aligning Organizations:
We enable organizations to articulate their values and identify leadership competencies. We help our clients align organizational structure, assess and identify people resources, identify gaps, articulate succession plans, and develop high-potential talent.

Building High Performing Teams:
We improve team performance by strengthening trust, communication, and collaboration. Facilitated team building enables teams to identify their strengths and opportunities and develop actionable strategies to maximize performance.

Developing Individuals:
We equip individuals to maximize their leadership potential through assessment-based feedback and coaching. This includes career counseling, leadership development, and change management. 360-degree feedback, personality and behavioral-based assessments are available.

Enhancing Talent Pools:
We deliver targeted high-potential talent development programs to develop cross-functional leaders. We partner with organizations to target specific leadership needs of associates and develop customized programs that incorporate leadership development, business acumen, team-based action learning, and individual development planning.

Leveraging Cross-Cultural Inclusion:
We work alongside culturally diverse organizations to leverage their unique strengths and understand their leadership challenges.

Business size

1-10 employees