About Us

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids was founded in 2007 to support and comfort children managing the challenges of today's military life: deployment, reintegration, moving, visible and invisible injuries, and grief. The Comfort Crew has endeavored to meet this goal by working directly with military children and families, recognizing their unique challenges, providing educational resources, and supporting physical and emotional resiliency.

Trevor Romain and The Comfort Crew, in partnership with the USO, work directly with our military children, visiting them on and off bases around the world. Trevor creates an environment where the children are free to express what they are going through and how they are feeling.

The Comfort Crew has also produced a series of kits to meet the specific needs of military children. As of 2012, tens of thousands of these kits have been given to US military children all over the world, providing support and comfort when children need them most.

The Comfort Crew for Military Kids regularly hosts events designed to promote education resiliency, including our annual Camp Train 4 Life and the With You All the Way! Symposium.

Whether visiting with a military child at school, providing a Care Kit to help with the obstacles of reintegration, or educating our community about ways to support resiliency, our goal is to let these children know they do not have to shoulder the burdens of military life on their own — we are With Them All the Way!

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1-10 employees

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