About Us

On the surface, we help advisors implement life insurance, annuity, long-term care and disability insurance solutions with their clients.

If you look a little deeper, you will find that CORE is unique - Centered On Relationship Enhancement – our business is at its center a relationship business. You know that your success is determined by the quality of your relationship with your client. We know that our success is determined by the quality of our relationship with you. So we have built tested, tried and true systems and processes that help us enhance our relationship with you, which will help you align with your clients, optimize your client outcomes, and ultimately enhance your relationships with your clients. It’s no secret that the best client relationships are the most profitable and most enjoyable.

We are not product driven touting the latest and greatest product that “all” of your clients need. We are process driven, solutions driven and service driven. It might seem trivial, but the difference is immense. Let’s face it – the products that any marketing organization offers are not unique – the industry is finite and we all have access to many of the same products.

We believe that you can sell more if you have a better way. If you have a better process. Call today to take the first step in developing a relationship with CORE.


Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence