About Us

The Dill Design is a joint effort between my wife and I to do something we are passionate about while also earning a little revenue. We have been working together since 2008, and doing design together as a business since 2011. I tend to be the “coder” and do all things web- from building the framework, to CSS, PHP, forms and modules, etc. I also normally take care of the business end of things, and administrative items like billing and follow up. My experience is self-taught, and I order books from Amazon.com quite frequently. When coupled with blogs and CSS-Tricks, I consider myself to be fairly cutting edge. My wonderful wife is more of the actual “designer”, and is a wiz in Adobe products. She can manipulate graphics far better (and faster) than I can, so she typically does the actual graphic design, logo’s, business cards, etc. We really enjoy designing. I often have to make myself go to bed at 2 AM because I am so wrapped up in design.