About Us

The Law Office of Michael Alan Siddons Esquire concentrates its practice in the following areas: real estate law; business law; debtor-creditor rights-notably bankruptcy; commercial and general litigation; wills, trusts and estates; and taxation.

Our firm has represented a wide range of clients, including public government, banking institutions, fortune 500 companies, real estate developers, financial institutions, property management companies, secured and unsecured creditors of all types, lessors and sellers of real-estate, equipment and other personal property, executives and management of companies, parties to all types of executory contracts with debtors, plaintiffs and defendants in 547 preference and similar actions, and other bankruptcy related litigation.

Our office provides cost-effective and efficient legal representation. We do not bill our clients under a billable hour format. Instead, we have adopted flat-fee billing arrangement on most of our cases. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in resolving your legal matters.

We understand that consumers and closely-held companies, increasingly scrutinize their legal fees, costs and expenses. Oftentimes, the fees charged for legal services are disproportionate with the results achieved. We recognize that consumers and businesses are cost conscience. Our firm's responsibility is to distill your pressing legal issues and objectives into a form which can be considered in the context of budgetary decisions. Our philosophy is simple- if you know in advance what a particular legal service will cost, you will be able to make an informed decision. Please contact us to discuss our flat, capped and other flexible fee arrangements."

Business size

1-10 employees


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