About Us

Mark E. Ting has the highest MPG ratings of any other company in its class. Mark’s award winning design team commands all the latest web technologies into an online experience that your customers and competitors will line up to see. In business, a first impression can be the determining factor when it comes to selling a product or service. The 21st century defines companies by digital depth and definition. This is why we specialize in high profile multi-media with a professional touch to show that your business or organization is serious about its “look and feel.”

The Mark E. Ting Company combines our innovative new media strategy, technology and user experience knowledge to ensure the highest quality multimedia solution for our clients. Our design team is highly experienced in the fields of Cgi, HTML, DHTML, ASP, XML, PHP, and Flash (just to name a few). When your ideas and our talents are united, the resulting force truly is a web event.

What is Mark E. Ting? It is an attention to detail guided by modern visionaries. It is engineering precision driven by business objectives. A fused connection between our organization and our clients, and a commitment to develop today’s solutions in expectation of tomorrow’s goals.

Don’t settle for imitations!

Because all marketing firms are not Creative Equal!