About Us

Marketing. Engagement. Knowledge.

Three distinct elements. Sculpted and emphasized together in the right mix, they achieve success.
At MEK, we break through the clutter. We change behavior. We change minds. We change perceptions. We defend and expand market share.

In a global society that receives more than 2,900 messages a day and only partially remembers 45, that’s worth a lot. We combine marketing communication, content development, creative, and social media platforms to create real engagement that attracts and retains. That’s not easy to do, but we do it every day. Our MEK Dynamic process creates a collaborative client/agency relationship that improves your bottom line.

MEK primarily serves clients in the B2B and public arenas, and its client base includes companies and organizations in commercial defense, orthopedics/medical devices, economic development, healthcare, education, manufacturing, commercial and residential real estate.

Drawing on decades of successful experience in the greater Los Angeles area and elsewhere, MEK professionals provide the following services to clients in the Midwest and beyond:

-Brand Development
-Marketing and Advertising
-Content Development
-Public and Media Relations
-Social Media Marketing
-Interactive Development
-Lead Generation Services
-Creative Services
-Market Analysis
-Public Affairs

To learn more, call us today at 317-805-4870, or e-mail msnyder@themekgroup.com