About Us

ThinkForward Financial (TFF) is a project finance placement and advisory firm offering a broad range of public and private financing solutions through the capital markets, economic development funding programs, and/or conventional funding sources. TFF offers financial and economic development services to projects and organizations requiring funds from $5 million to $100 million. TFF has closed in excess of 250 financing projects with more than $2 billion in bond/loan proceeds for small to mid-sized corporations, not-for-profits, real estate developers in both the public and private sectors.


We Help Not-For-Profit, Industrial and Real Estate Organizations Obtain Cost Effective Financing and Undertake Capital Projects. Our goal is to bring all the financing and tax incentive options available to reduce project costs for our clients. Our areas of expertise include:

• Economic Development Financing
• Tax Credits and Incentives
• Real Estate Finance
• Real Estate Development Advising

Innovative Economic Development Financing Solutions:

We develop and execute individualized financing plans to meet the specific needs of organizations, whether they are expanding, relocating or refinancing existing debt. We specialize in tax-exempt bond financing, SBA loans, real estate finance, EB-5 financing, New Markets Tax Credits and economic development incentives.

Accessing Incentives:

TFF helps businesses identify tax credits and other financial assistance programs; project the value of those benefits to your business; and ensure those savings are realized. TFF also assists larger projects in accessing discretionary tax incentives through the New York City Industrial Development Agency to reduce or defer transaction and operating costs.

Real Estate Development Advising:

TFF can also advise on projects in their early stages of development including initial feasibility, development alternatives, required approvals and consultant selection.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence