About Us

With your support, we provide children with opportunities today to inspire the hopes, dreams and achievements of tomorrow. These experiences include professional and/or collegiate athletic events, concerts, theater performances, museum exhibits, and more.

Some experiences in childhood are unforgettable. Remember the first time you went to a ballpark and heard the crack of the bat in response to the opening pitch? How about sitting in the audience in the dark hushed auditorium, waiting for the curtain to rise on your first viewing of "A Christmas Carol?" Some fans recall the roots of a lifelong passion beginning with the squeaking shoes and hustling on the hardwood floors of a college basketball arena. Whatever the experience, Tix for Tots is a child's first ticket to a better life.

On average, Tix for Tots coordinates over 100 ticket opportunities EACH DAY for kids in Minnesota & Wisconsin! Tix for Tots works with over 350 nonprofit organizations, 30 venue partners, 400 individual ticket donors, 120 volunteers and a Board of Directors. The ability to employ our Program Manager is the foremost example of why your monetary donation is so important to maintaining and growing the services provided by Tix for Tots. We have earned the Charities Review Council’s “Meets Standards” seal of approval reflecting our commitment to accountable and ethical practices.

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1-10 employees

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