About Us

Townsend Legacy was established in 2012 by Daniel Townsend, as a family owned business, to provide useful and meaningful services to a community that helped raise this family. Our mission is to support our local community by providing quality services and consultation to strengthen, encourage and sustain the individuals within it. We cater to small businesses, local non-profits, individuals and churches looking for a reliable and family oriented service provider.

We believe that we are, "one business, under God" and he has equipped us with the skills and resources to be witnesses of his glory to those we encounter through the work we provide. We strongly believe that if we acknowledge God in all we do, leaning not unto our own understanding, he will direct our paths. (Proverbs 3:6).

There is no greater feeling than working with a family that cares so deeply about each other. We promise to extend that love, honesty and whole-heartedness to everyone we work with. Come work with our family. Come experience a business with a heart for the Lord and a passion for the community.


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