About Us

Art specialists, brokers, curators, consultants.

Our Mission: To help you begin and grow your personal or corporate art collections, whatever your budget.

Providing to the needs of new art collectors.
Collaboration with interior designers and their clients.
Encouraging art enthusiasts to see art as an investment
and an asset, not just decorative.

Choosing and buying art can be stressful and difficult. Many are uncomfortable dealing with galleries or might have had a negative experience. Others have no idea how to begin. Some have a low budget and may believe that they will not be able to purchase a distinctive work.

We assist you with art galleries, from start to finish.
We offer framing and transport advice. We personally install the art for you in the best possible location in your home or offices.

Our team consults with you to find the most appropriate solution
for you, from how many pieces, your budget, what artists,
and much more.

We collaborate with interior designers and aid them in the best ways possible. This allows designers more time for other projects, helps with keeping to their deadlines, and saves valuable time in searching for the right pieces.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence