About Us

Change in your company or your career is a constant event. Are you focusing on managing transition? Transition Management, specializing in communications, coaching, & training, coaches you through the process by focusing on your response to change...and your leadership role in directing change.

Are you seeking more strategy in managing your career? Or are you seeking to grow or change in your business?

Is change managing your career, your life, your business?

To manage change, focus on managing transition. Change is just an event; transition is your reaction and series of responses. We coach you through this process and enhance your critical thinking skills.

• Trainer/public speaker: Transition coach/trainer for persons in transition from military to civilian careers;
wellness & worklife balance speaker; & distance delivery trainer. Recently recognized for expertise on workplace bullying.

• Coach: guidance during career transitions (including out-placement) & life changes.

• Workforce developer: need training on HR topics? Compliance issues? Technical training? Skills updates or change management? Tell us what you envision!

Business size

1-10 employees