About Us

We are a software development and IT consulting firm specializing in Advanced Internet Technologies, Mobile Application Development and Application Security Assessment & Remediation. Our seasoned developers can build your system and guide you through the entire Secure Software Development Life-Cycle.

Why us? Because we know that software development is an organic process. The marketplace changes. Your business grows. New Technology has a mischievous knack for adding complexity. In the ever changing world of business software, your requirements will be constantly evolving. Your development process has to peacefully coexist with this reality.

Our business savvy technologists implement precise, elegant solutions that work. By leveraging flexible system architecture and adaptable coding techniques we'll make sure your software is ready to grow from that first line of code, all while continually refining the system to reduce complexity. We leverage industry standards to make your project a standard, repeatable process with predictable results.

We do not believe that "one size fits all". We embrace each challenge, we strive to exceed expectations and we simply love what we do. We wish there was more than 24.016438356164383561643835616438 hours in a day.