About Us

Trutech Energy was started in 2013 with the goal of making the world a more efficient place. We believe that the more efficient we can become, the better off we will all be.

Our driving force is to help the world become more efficient because efficiency is the reason that we have a healthy economy and all the benefits of modern society. We found two avenues to increase the worlds efficiency that fit into our skill-set; LED lighting and volunteering for a company that ships water pumps to Africa (more on this later).

The idea behind Trutech Energy is simple. People pay for the electricity to run their lights, so if we provide them with lights that use less electricity, they will save money over the long run and it will help them be more competitive and be more environmentally friendly. We show maintenance managers, business owners, tenants, or landlords lights and sensors that can lower their costs, then we install the lights. Sometimes we help finance projects if the business wants to pay for the installation over a set amount of time instead of all at once at the beginning.

That's about it. The idea isn't too complicated, but we think its a good way to fulfill our goal of making the world a more efficient place.

This is where we talk about our other avenue to make the world a more efficient place, supplying water to poor farmers around the world. Trutech Energy partners with Project 41 (http://www.assistinternational.org/empowering-the-poor-in-the-developing-world-project-41-jinja-uganda/) to help poor farmers have a low cost efficient way to irrigate their crops. Trutech Energy provides logistics and design support to Project 41 to help with improving the output and profitability of small farms in Africa. If you'd like to hear more, please visit the Project 41 website or give us a call.

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