About Us

Tyme Global is a US based communications and software company focused on the hospitality industry. We enhance your guest experience through our innovative products such as Remote PBX Operators, IP based PBX, Primary & backup SIP services, Issue Management Software for FOH and BOH, as well as our Text Messaging Platform allowing 2-way communication between the guest and our operators or hotel's front desk.

Sub Services offered for our Remote PBX Operators:
- PBX Internal Calls
- PBX External Calls
- Guest Services Information Parsing
- Sales Calls Qualification
- Social Media Communications
- Wake Up Call Management
- Issue Management Ticketing for BOH and FOH
- Room Service Order Taking
- Restaurant Reservations
- Spa Reservations
- OTA Hotel Reservation Input
- Housekeeping & Maintenance ticket dispatch, through instant message or existing Issue Management systems
- Parking Valet dispatch
- IP Based 2-Way FM Radio Dispatch for Airports
- Call Recordings
- Audit Trail
- Quality Assurance
- Call Analytics
- Tier 1 Support

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence