About Us

At United Way, we’re focused on creating opportunities for all because we know that...
• financial stability is more than just having an income. It’s also about having access to job training and financial counseling.
• a good job starts with a good education. Entering school ready to learn and graduating on time leads to success in work and life.
• a quality life isn’t possible without good health. A neighbor recently diagnosed with cancer, a victim of abuse or someone struggling with mental illness - they all need quality care.

We keep tabs on the pulse of the community and look for problems that need solving, people who need help and the local programs that can do the best job. United Way of the Plains helps over 90,000 people in south central Kansas. Who are they? Could be the guy in the cubicle next to you, the boy who sacked your groceries at the store, the elderly woman who walks her dog by your house every day. They’re people like you and me, who live here and need a little help sometimes.

But we do more than ask for your money. We ask for your input, conduct research, work with coalitions, write grants, recruit volunteers, distribute in-kind gives and make sure people find the services they need through 2-1-1.

Visit www.unitedwayplains.org to learn more.

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