About Us

With a strong international roster, Unix Gallery focuses on a quality selection of work by emerging and mid-career artists. Our gallery proudly exhibits a fresh variety of artists that deliver on craftsmanship and a strong conceptual message. Each maintains his or her signature style and artistic integrity, uniquely demonstrated across mediums ranging from sculpture to canvas, photography to installations, mixed media and everything in between. Most importantly, the artwork in Unix Gallery leaves collectors and curators with an unforgettable impression.

Our approach to selecting artists is made less so by the persona or patrons of a particular artist, but decided more by the creativity and values that each of them embodies. The experience we have acquired from dealing in Modern and Contemporary art within the secondary market has allowed us to transcend into the primary market. It is not by following, but through introducing new perspectives, artists and visions that Unix Gallery is able to consistently grow in today's evolving Modern and Contemporary art market.

We aim to flourish with the future directions of the dynamic art world. Unix Gallery serves as a window to the future, presenting art and innovation that strive to constantly surprise and excite collectors as well as engage and intrigue museum curators and academics.

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