About Us

It is more than just a ramp to Upside Innovations’ President, Kevin Sharp. After seeing his grandfather, disabled from polio, constantly struggle to gain access to everyday places, the product which launched the Upside business became clear. The Upside Innovations design team went about creating a safe, compliant and attractive aluminum handicap ramp that solved many of the issues that the market had not addressed. Within a few months of starting the business a new ADA and IBC compliant ramp line was introduced that simplified the installation by improving the system flexibility, improved the strength, and provided a more attractive streamlined look.

We’re a team of welders, designers, buyers, truck drivers, marketers, educators, salespeople, and installers. Above all though, we are passionate advocates for the people that use our products. We feel privileged to design, build, and install products that our kids, parents, friends, and neighbors use every day. Our mission to develop products that serve people with needs allows the Upside Team to create a world accessible by everyone - a world where Grandpa Sharp can go anywhere.

For more information give us a call 513.889-2492 or visit www.upsideinnovations.com


Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence