About Us

Vacation 4 A Cause is a full service travel agency that seeks to make a difference. Every time a vacation is booked through the agency, a donation is made to a worthy cause. Jeff and Jennifer Gross founded Vacation 4 A Cause by combining their love of travel and their desire to help others.

Vacationers can choose from several causes on our site OR have their donation sent to any registered non-profit they want to support. Examples would include but are not limited to:
*Churches and Synagogues
*Sports & Band Booster Clubs
*Humane Societies/Animal Rescue Groups
*Food Pantries

Vacation 4 A Cause functions just like any other travel agency except a majority of the money the agency collects goes to charities. The mindset is similar to Grocery Store Reward Card Programs except you're making a much more sizable donation to the non-profit of your choice. A family of 4 booking a resort or cruise vacation would be making roughly a $300 donation to the non-profit group of their choice. Suppose you include extended family, friends or make it a drill team/booster club trip. You could easily quadruple that donation (or more) to your non-profit group.

We encourage you to discuss this program with the fundraising chairperson or treasurer at any non-profit groups you're a part of. You're welcome to send this information directly to them or send us their contact info. If we bring your non-profit group on board we can add them to our website as a partner. Consider the financial potential for your non-profit if they promote Vacation 4 A Cause to members.

Vacation 4 A Cause is a member of the largest travel network in North America. The company has relationships with all major travel vendors and can book most vacations. We offer the best prices on travel and post exclusive travel deals almost every day via Facebook and Twitter.
*Disney & Universal
*Car Rental

Business size

1-10 employees