About Us

Verus Global equips inspired leaders to activate the human potential in their organizations through talent and leadership development that has immediate performance impact. The Verus Global team helps organizations realize “Best Ever” business performance and fulfilled employees by aligning teams to strategy and making it stick.

Focus Areas: Talent and Leadership Development | Aligning Teams with Strategies | Accelerating Performance | Workplace Fulfillment | Sustainable Behavior Change | Pathways to Leadership Process

For more than 20 years, we’ve been refining the approach and the tools that serve thousands of Fortune 500 leaders around the globe, supporting them with effective leadership solutions including the award-winning Pathways to Leadership Process.

Our vision is to see the day when a majority of businesses achieve enduring profits as a result of building and developing an inspired and fulfilled workforce.

THE BIG PROMISE: 2 Years in 3 Days. In three days, we’ll accelerate your team’s leadership competencies at a rate that would otherwise take two years to accomplish. It’s proven, and that’s why our flagship process, Pathways to Leadership® (an executive and team leadership development program) is our most requested.

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