About Us

Vilex is an extremity medical device manufacturer for orthopedic and podiatric bone surgery. Vilex® offers a broad range of cannulated screws, FUZE TTC arthrodesis nail, HammerFUZE Compression System, locking and conventional plates, small joint implants, Talex and TOV subtalar implants, and ring and mono-rail external fixation devices.

In addition, through United American Medical (UAM, acquired in 2001), Vilex® offers a whole array of power equipment such as wire drivers, drills, and oscillating/reciprocating saws. Vilex® also offers saw blades, guide wires, drills and burrs. All Vilex Internal Fixation products are manufactured in the USA.
Vilex® markets its products throughout the USA and Europe - primarily through independent sales representatives.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence