About Us

Vital Mastering is the studio of mastering engineer Jack Braglia, located in Queens, NY. We strive to provide clients with an attentive audio mastering service available online, offering professional mastering services to the independent music community at affordable prices.

Mastering is the final stage of the audio production process, where important enhancements and final adjustments are made. Attention to detail is absolutely vital. Your recordings will be carefully mastered in our private studio, using high-end analog gear and digital processing to ensure optimal playback performance on all listening devices. Our mastering experience includes a wide variety of genres; everything from Jazz & Hip-Hop to Heavy Metal, Rock & EDM.

Online Mastering, costing significantly less than conventional attended mastering sessions, is quickly becoming the preferred choice for independent artists without the luxury of a major label budget. With unattended sessions, maintaining a solid line of communication throughout the mastering process is of utmost importance. We take your music very seriously and will not stop short of ensuring that your musical vision comes to life and your songs reach their full potential.

Feel free to listen to our audio samples to get an idea of what we can do with your music. When you’re ready to start your project, the process is simple. Begin by filling out the Mastering Form. Read our submission guidelines and upload your tracks by using WeTransfer or your preferred file transfer service. Once we receive your files you will be sent a PayPal invoice reflecting the total cost of the services you’ve selected. Once the invoice is paid, the mastering process begins and your masters will be completed within 3-5 business days.

Business size

1-10 employees


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