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About Us

VoyagerMed.com is an online medical care marketplace for people traveling to and within the U.S. It's challenging to find affordable medical treatment, and even more so when traveling to access that care. We solve this problem through partnering with great doctors and centers of excellence and aggregating public pricing data to deliver an online platform to choose innovative medical treatments, at prices each patient can afford to pay.

We are part of the disruption of $3.9 trillion healthcare industry. Over 12 million patients travel each year for medical care outside their home country. Florida alone counts $5 billion spent by patients traveling to that state every year.

We are launching with what we call “scientific” and “lifestyle improvement” treatments delivered by what we feel are some of the top specialists in the U.S.

Why only the United States? Because what most VCs told me when I started out was that there's a high hurdle to get the stigma of "medical tourism" out of the process. So I came up with a clean and straightforward model: deliver a marketplace online for US based doctors who want to attract more traveling patients from both an international and domestic audience.

All the big companies are looking at this to save money and not skimp on quality: Wal-Mart Lowes Boeing and others (Read more about this trend here). We take the same concept and bring it directly to the consumer with our marketplace. And we have already been approached by payers with self insured pools of employees and we are in contract with some of the largest most respected hospitals in the U.S. already.