About Us

Web development specialists in Southern California and Tucson, AZ, supporting world-wide client base for search engine optimization, design and database services, Web 2.0, including blogs, videos, podcasts, pay-per-click campaigns and more.

In web marketing, we believe the “primary” targeted audience is never the consumer, but rather the major search engine spider. Your / our focus is to “convince or entice” the spider (also crawler or robot) to index and rank highly, the various site pages via desired keywords and keyword phrases. The consumer is, by definition, relegated to being of secondary importance; if the search engine does not rank the site highly, the consumer will rarely, if ever, view the material presented. However, once the web site is accessed, design appeal, navigability ease, content information, functionality and other components take center stage. This approach has been part and parcel of our philosophy since the company was formed.