About Us

Welcome to Weber Asset Management, a boutique investment advisor firm specializing in custom-crafted portfolios of Fidelity mutual funds. For highly personalized service and investment management from nationally recognized professionals, you have come to the right place.

Some investment advisors try to watch over thousands of mutual funds. We think that’s a mistake. Much smarter, we strongly believe, is to focus all our attention on one fund family, and by knowing those funds inside and out, we can deliver better results to you.

We specialize in Fidelity mutual funds because …

With more than 200 no-load mutual funds, Fidelity provides us with a choice for every conceivable slice of the market.

They are not afraid to continually spend millions on leading-edge technology.

No firm spends more money, or dedicates more resources to stock and bond market research than Fidelity.

When it comes to hiring, Fidelity has a well-deserved reputation for a highly rigorous selection process, ruthlessly screening to find the brightest portfolio managers.

And because we know Fidelity so well, we can, in essence, give you the advantages of “insiders” while being completely independent. In other words, we owe nothing to Fidelity. Our only loyalty is to you.

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Business size

1-10 employees

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