About Us

The Women’s Institute is a national award-winning affordable housing development organization, which offers a core mission to promote economic opportunity and build strong communities by developing safe, affordable and supportive housing for individuals and families. Our strategic focus is to bring the strength of our organization in offering collaborative development approaches that work within and for communities, and create and sustain partnerships that address the housing needs of local residents, neighborhoods, and towns, creating a collective community impact that reaches far beyond the creation of the housing units.

We achieve our mission by:

- Developing affordable and supportive housing by bringing our development expertise and project management capacity to communities across Southern New England while working in partnership with local organizations to create and/or preserve quality, affordable housing.

- Promoting economic opportunity by building housing that is affordable, decreasing the too often disproportionate amount of income that many individuals and families currently budget for their housing. Our projects consistently prioritize housing for very low-income households.

- Building strong communities by creating enduring partnerships that provide support to residents, neighborhoods, and communities.

By partnering with community groups, local leaders and service providers, the Women’s Institute creates affordable housing that enhances the quality of life for the residents, increasing their ability to be successful in housing and move toward economic independence.

Business size

26-100 employees


Commercial presence