About Us

Kim coaches heart-centered entrepreneurs and creative professionals to settle for nothing less than creating “work” as a joyful, fulfilling and enlivening experience.

Sometimes that looks like changing the way they relate to work, and sometimes that looks like picking up and moving on… knowing when enough is enough.

After 18 years managing multi-million dollar accounts in big corporate advertising and online marketing, Kim brings all of that business savvy into work that she’s truly passionate about.

As the Passionate Entrepreneur’s mentor and coach, Kim helps her clients love what they do, do what they love, and make great money doing it. She lives this herself every day, and you’ll often hear her exclaim,“I love my life! I wake up excited and end each day fulfilled, knowing I’m doing the work I was put here to do.”

Kim has lived and worked all over the world — from Germany, Austin, Tokyo, New York City, India and Israel to her current home in British Columbia, Canada.

Business size

1-10 employees