About Us

YPN™ Companies is all about empowering people and organizations to excel in their business ventures, alliances and opportunities.

YPN™ Companies is an alliance of companies or products for you, your company, your friends, your business associates and your life.

All joined together by our experienced team members & coaches to provide you the best opportunity of learning, support, revenue and profits.

Our Mission

Give - Support our communities and environment with a giving focused strategic plan; sustaining our earth and nature for our future generations.

Deliver Value through Our People - People are the cornerstone of the desired results. Securing the right experience, talent, diversity, knowledge and skills to create extraordinary success for our clients.

Create Value - Through people, processes and technology we assist our clients and their people; to generate the desired return on investment.

YPN™ Companies was established in 2006 providing quality services & support to our clients!

http://www.YPNcompanies.com or http://JimBrowning.biz

My role at YPN™ Companies as CEO with all of these offerings for your business or organization:

■ V-Blox Authorized Distributor
■ RightStart Association
■ LinkedIn for Business - Training for Businesses
■ All In One Marketing - Email, Text, Social Media, Voice and SMS in one Solution with All In One Results
■ LifeTime Lighting
■ Power Factor Correction
■ Get Your Domains Now!
■ Your Profile Now!
■ YPN Advantage, your healthcare discount card http:\\www.YPNAdvantage.com
■ LinkedIn Professional Training
■ Management and Ownership of three groups, Atlanta Linking, Your Profit Now and Coca-Cola Current & Former Employee’s Groups

These are active individual companies that I am the CEO and Owner.

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Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence